Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tomorrow's War

I had a surprise and somewhat belated Xmas present in the post today. I had put it down on my Amazon wishlist but didn't expect to get it, so I was very pleased to open the parcel to find a brand spanking new copy of Tomorrows War.

I have had a long standing 28mm  near future French Foreign Legion project in the leadpile for a couple of years... I thought this new ruleset would be perfect for the job. The background fluff in the rules actually ties in really well with my project, which uses Copplestone / EM4 figures and the Antenociti Workshop 6x6 wheeled armoured vehicles, as it includes lists for the French Foreign legion with VAB and VBL type APC's.

When (if) I get round to this project, it'll be a miracle but at least I now have a glossy new set of rules to flick through rather than my old dog eared copy of Future Wars.

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