Saturday, 16 August 2014

1/144th Westland Whirlwind?

I was pondering the Bag the Hun 2 scale options again today.
With both 1/600th and 1285th / 1/300th covered by Tumbling Dice and Raiden / Scotia Micromodels, it would be very easy to cater for the scenarios that I'm devising for Bag the Hun. In fact, in retrospect, I wish I'd gone for 1/600th scale to start with, as I'd have a much more extensive selection of aircraft to play around with than my current 1/285th scale set up can offer.
Anyway, at the other end of the spectrum, there's a plethora of 1/144th scale plastic kits now on the market, thanks to Zvezda, Revell and Takara, so it's a possible option if you wanted to scale up your aerial wargaming to an impressive size. There are a few expensive resin kits of the Whirlwind in 1/144th but, thanks to the wonders of Shapeways, you can now get a rather nice 3D printed model:
You'd need a pretty large hex(on) map to play out a typical game but, otherwise, it's not entirely bonkers to think of 1/144th as an aerial wargaming scale, assuming the numbers are manageable?


  1. My group has always played with 144th scale aircraft for WWII but 1/72 for WWI.

  2. Love the Whirlwind - a thirties design classic!

  3. You should ask Roman (Kampfflieger models on Shapeways) if he could convert the 1/144 model into a 1/285 model in the Frosted Ultra Detail material. He is a nice guy!

    Best Svend