Sunday, 17 August 2014

Off to Normandy

The invasion of the relatives is almost over and it's scuppered my painting plans for the week, as we ended up with nine of them instead of the expected three. Anyway, to give us a bit of a breather we're off to Normandy for a few days camping. I may not have made any progress with the SAGA Norman's but I'm hoping to visit a castle or two to make up for it! 

When we get back I'll try to salvage something from the Summer wargaming schedule but this may end up being a few based up pirates rather than the full SAGA warband that I promised myself I'd complete. I really have to re-think the whole Summer project thing, as I invariably fail to achieve very much, despite my best intentions.

Perhaps I should focus on playing some of my collection of board wargames or writing scenarios, rather than trying to get figures painted with all the hassle of lugging paint, brushes and lead across the Channel? It's a wasted opportunity if I don't get anything done, so this might be a possible way to achieve something in the time I'm away from the workbench.

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  1. Mont St. Michel is a great place to visit! As is St. Malo nearby, with its cool little fort just off the beach.