Wednesday, 13 August 2014

263 Squadron Whirlwind Missions [4]

This is a scenario writing project that I began this year but didn't get round to finishing, although I did identify at least two potential scenarios for Bag the Hun. I've now had time to sift through my various sources including the ORB and AAR for 263 Squadron from late 1942 to late 1943, together with several good books on Whirlwind operations.

After looking at all the possibilities, I've narrowed down my search to a long list of a dozen operations including a couple of small dogfights with FW190's, a selection of anti-convoy attacks both by day and night, a number of Roadsteads against enemy shipping, a Rhubarb raid on a flak protected railway train and even a dive bombing Ramrod attack on a V2 site. They all have potential as scenarios to a greater or lesser extent.

I now need to shake out a shortlist of half a dozen scenarios to write up in greater detail, ready for playtesting in the Autumn at the club. These need to be both practicable in terms of numbers of aircraft and targets, but also interesting and varied enough not to be repetitive, which is less straightforward than you might think, given the role of the Whirlwind as a dedicated ground attack and anti-shipping aircraft. 

I'll sort this out over the next week or two, with the  longer term aim of writing up a variety of scenarios and a covering article for the TFL Christmas Special, assuming Nick and Richard think it's worth publishing! I may also submit either the Catch the Pigeon scenario or A Costly Strike, both of which have already been play tested by the usual suspects. 

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