Thursday, 28 August 2014

SAGA Summer [8]

I've almost got the Normans ready for the Quick Shade but haven't quite managed to wrap them up before we head off home. They're a bit rough and ready but I'm pleased that sticking to a very limited palette has made the painting more challenging and, therefore, less of a pain on the bum. I need to add another layer to the flesh and pick out some details, then I'll tackle the decals and give them a dip.
I also need to paint the horses, not to mention the other two units, but this can wait until I get back to civilisation in a couple of days. Unfortunately, I'll also be back at work which means time will be at a premium, although I plan to complete the SAGA Normans in the first couple of weeks of term. When they're finished I'm going to set up a game at the club, where they will almost certainly be wiped out to a man. 
I have a sketchy idea about how the SAGA rules work and I'm tactically impaired at the best of times, so it'll be a walkover for whoever takes up the challenge. However, I've enjoyed the painting side of the project and hope to get the Viking warband done as well, once the Japanese are out of the way. The limited palette approach has given me some painting ideas for them which I'll have to try out.

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  1. They look great! Just out of curiosity, what do you prime with?