Tuesday, 26 August 2014

SAGA Summer [7]

I finally got my painting mojo back yesterday, largely as a result of a pretty drastic decision to only use a small set of Army Painter paints which I bought for the boys to use on their models. This starter set consisted of ten basic colours, to which I added a couple of bottles of Quick Shade and a couple of bottles of colour primer, which I happened to have packed with my other paints.
This means that I've been forced to mix shades and think of ways to do things that would otherwise be easy, making the whole thing more of a challenge and thus more involving. It's also made me adopt the simple basecoat and dip approach, although I have given in to temptation and done some layering and shading.
I'm about half way there with the figures but haven't started on the horses yet and, with only three days of holiday to go, I'll have to step on it to get the basic 4 point warband finished. I may well re-paint some bits when I get home but I should be able to get most of the painting completed by the time we pack up on Thursday. 

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  1. They look good, and sound quick to do. I guess sometimes there's a balance between artistic merit and getting the job done! Having said that, once you've done "display" standard figures, it can be hard to do "gaming" standard, but how much do you really notice the finest details once you've finished painting a gaming figure? Good luck with the next three days :-)