Thursday, 19 March 2015

Air War C21 Flashpoint Baltic [4]

A really interesting report from Israeli TV on the Italian and Polish Baltic Air Policing mission in Lithuania, which is currently pretty busy dealing with yet more Russian overflights of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian air space. This military posturing by the Russians has been increasing lately, with the Italians, Polish and Spanish having to intercept a range of fighter and transport aircraft on a regular basis:

NATO Baltic Air Policing QRA ITA, ESP Typhoon jets on 17 March scrambled to intercept RU AF 4x Su-27, 2x An-26, 1x An-12 over the Baltic Sea," (Latvian armed forces)

You may also not have been aware of the NATO TV Youtube channel (I kid you not!), which has a whole load of interesting reports on the latest incarnation of the Russian bear. I'm sure the Russians have a Youtube channel too but I'm not sure it will be as impartial in its interpretation of recent events, at least compared to the BBC?


  1. "May you live in interesting times."

  2. 'Cold War'? Have we learnt nothing...?
    Quite scary really. Hopefully, the folks in charge are as much on the ball with this as they are with Jeremy Clarkson.