Saturday, 28 March 2015

Perry Indian Pattern Sun Helmets

The latest news from Perry Miniatures included the addition of a conversion head set for the plastic Desert Rats, featuring twenty four India Pattern Sun helmets, as worn by my grandad on the NWF c1937.

Although my Chain of Command Japanese project is on-hold at the moment, in the long run I want to build a matching early war British platoon for Malaya which could easily do a double-up for the NWF, so this is really good news. I'll be sending off for a pack to store away for the future as it  includes some very handy machetes for jungle slashing that I could use also for the Japanese!

Incidentally, check out this really interesting site:


  1. Love the link... really fascinating study :) Slightly niche but very interesting!

  2. I commented on having sun helmet heads to them what seems like ages ago... never thought they'd do them.

    No excuse not to think about doing Madagascar in WWII now then.