Saturday, 6 June 2015

Galleys and Galleons [21]

I've set up a second playtest game of Galleys and Galleons for the 16th, so my priority now is to get at least half a dozen of my 1/450th scale Peter Pig pirate ships painted up, leaving the 1864 Danish and Prussian fleets on the shelf for the next few days. I'm planning to try out the next two scenarios in the rules, Cutting Out and Treasure Islands, so will need to sort out a fort as well as about a couple of hundred points of shipping for each side. I also have this 1/500th scale model kit to build, which I'll class as an East India Company Flagship at a whopping 82 points.

I  have the latest version of the rules to proof read and will be using them to run the game, so that any glitches can be picked out as we go along. These are pretty much the same as the draft version we used before but with very handy page numbers to help smooth things along. The front cover for the final version of the rules has also just been released and, as you can see, it looks great. It's a cracking set of rules already but the cover just makes it even better. Another big thank you to Nic for letting us play around with his rules.

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  1. I'll be very interested to see how Le Superbe matches up with the Peter Pig ships when completed.

    I've got the Revell 'La Réale' but it's rather large and I doubt if I'll proceed with it. My best non-PP purchase has been the Pirateology xebecs which fit in nicely once the hull is hacked.