Saturday, 27 June 2015

Time for a...

I'm having a massive clear out of stuff before the summer holidays as I have far, far too many things that I'm never going to get around to starting, let alone completing. This includes all of my 28mm big armies in the lead / plastic pile, a whole load of 28mm odds and ends and a variety of other things in smaller scales. One of the reasons I rarely get anything done at the moment, aside from work and life pressures, is the back log of projects that are weighing down the loft. I really need to cut this lot in half to focus my attention on a smaller range of projects in a manageble format, so the big stuff has to go. I've contacted a guy who buys up surplus wargaming collections, so will be sorting out the leadpile into what I will keep and what I ditch over the next week or so. I'll also donate some stuff to the club and to the local charity shop...all very liberating!

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