Monday, 15 June 2015

Chain of Command Malaya British Platoon

It's a couple of weeks until July when I've had a long term plan to paint up the now almost ready Japanese platoon for my Chain of Command project. As I mentioned before, I only need a handful or command and support figures to round off the force, which I'm going to paint up during the school activity week in mid-July, when I won't have any other school work to worry about.

Now, I'm turning my attention to the other half of the project, which will be a platoon of British troops plus support for the Malayan campaign in 1942. I have just put in an order with Perry Miniatures for some metal figures in BD trousers, some India Pattern sun helmets, a Vickers MMG team and  2pdr AT gun, to go alongside the plastic 8th Army box set that will form the core of the project and the superb Copplestone Lanchester armoured car.

I've also been doing some extra research into units and uniforms, during which I found this clip from a BBC documentary Singapore 1942 that was broadcast a couple of years ago. It's really useful as a painting guide and, although quite short in length, gives a good impression of the British retreat down the Malayan peninsular prior to the surrender of Singapore being based on first hand accounts:


  1. Sounds like a great project. I think I read somewhere that the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders were the only regiment in Malaya at this time who had any training in jungle warfare. Is that true?

  2. Well, well. I've just started a similar project. Using the same figures and the copplestone Lanchester. I can recommend the Martin Brayley book 'Khaki Drill and Jungle Green'.

  3. Looks a truly interesting project and different from the mainstream CoC projects we usually undertake
    I'll be following with interest

  4. Hi Jim

    Very interesting project. Do you know this blog?:

    May be you find further info in it.

    The Lanchester with the "light" Vickers is great. You can find two more pics from the same scene in the web.


  5. The 2pdr gun is 2nd/4th Anti Tank Regiment, 27 Brigade 8th Division 2nd AIF.