Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Not Just a Brush War

I'm a big fan of AK47, the original version at least, so have two armies and plenty more kit in the leadpile for 'imaginations' style post-colonial Africa wargaming. The AK47 rules are great and I particularly enjoy all the politcal shenanigans that feature in the pre-game phase, together with the none too serious write ups that I do afterwards. As you can see from the blog, it's probably the project that I've spent more time and effort on than any other, only Bag the Hun coming anywhere close!

However, the rules as they stand aren't really designed for campaign play or for detailed linked games, which is where I'd like to take them further. I'm now thinking of switching over to the Five Core Company Command rules system, which is far more flexible in this respect but retains the 'imaginations' element and the opportunity for a political context to be embedded into the game. I'm  still going to play AK47 but an alternative might give me some new directions in which to go.
Although Company Command includes a working campaign system, I was really pleased to find this  supplement for the Five Core rules which allows you to set up a comprehensive and coherent fictional background for AK47 style settings. There's a lot more detail in this than in the core rules and plenty of options to add as much detail as you want to the campaign structure, from political alignment and motivation, all the way down to the colour of your army's uniform.

I'm also thinking of branching out into 10mm or 15mm with Company Command or No End in Sight, with a specific focus on the French Indochina War, so this supplement will be useful for more than one of my future projects. In the meantime, I'll need to get the bases done on the last of my Superpower Backed AK47 army, so that I can run a playtest of Company Command sometime in the not too distant future?


  1. I am a big fan of the No End In Sight rules, and went over to 15mm because of them. Like you, I am also toying with the idea of the French Indochina conflict using Eureka Miniatures excellent range of 15mm figures for the war.

  2. I have a handful of the Eureka figures which I found on Ebay ages ago...they are really nice but I don't have many, perhaps a small platoon worth for both sides.

    What I do have are loads of pendraken 10mm French and Vietminh, together with vehicles and AFV's, which I originally got for use with Cold War Commander. I didn't like the rules though, so they've been sitting in a box for a feew years gathering dust!

  3. Jim,

    I'm loving it! Can't wait to see where you're heading with Company Command.

    On a side note, I had loads of Pendraken French and Vietminh too, but sold them last year as they'd sat for so long, having never seen the table. Please don't inspire me to fight French Indochina... ;)