Saturday, 20 June 2015

AK47 Extra Bits [1]

I assembled a couple of new objective markers for the next game at the club, one a tribal hut and the other an ammo supply dump. These were not what I set out to do but ended up falling together from various spare bits and pieces that I scrounged from all sorts of odd corners. I may add another objectve marker tomorrow more along the lines that I originally thought of, although these two will do for the moment. I've also done the texturing on the infantry and heavy weapons bases, so should get round to painting them tomorrow, once they've fully dried out.


  1. Great work, they look fab. Scenic markers are always a nice touch to a tabletop game.

  2. That is pretty damn cool, Jim!

    And it sounds like you and I share the phenomenon of 'start out looking for one thing and end up with another.' Certainly worked out for you though.


  3. Good ideas.
    Thank you very much.