Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Normandy Firefight Project [4]

I mentioned to a work colleague that I was interested in military modelling a while back and he said that his dad was clearing out some old model kits that I could have for free if I wanted. I was expecting some half glued together, half finished kit bashed odds and ends but today I was given a couple of plastic bags full of 1970's vintage 1/32nd scale Airfix figures, both from the multipose and the bendy plastic range. There were also some 1/76 scale Fujimi and Matchbox kits but the 54mm stuff is what really grabbed my attention.

These are in as new, if slightly musty boxes and the multipose figures themselves are still on the sprues inside sealed plastic bags, with all the original parts and instructions included. Wow! You can imagine my surprise and the subsequent nostalgia trip, as these are exactly the same kits that I built when I was a kid. I'm now thinking of a 1/32nd scale North Africa extension to my Normandy Firefight project, although the thought of breaking up these pristine kits fills me with pangs of guilt!