Wednesday, 17 June 2015

AK47 Game Plan

I've decided to put on an AK47 game in a couple of weeks, as there are a couple of new club members who haven't played it before and it's always a popular choice with the old hands. I'm going to use both of my armies for the game for a change, so need to finish the bases on the Superpower Backed regular infantry and APC's this weekend.

I'm also going to scratchbuild a new objective marker or two for the game, as it will be based upon one of my usual 'tongue in cheek' back story news streams. I also have some cunning plans for a presidential motorcade, if my latest order from Peter Pig arrives in time? In the meantime, I'll be banging out some dodgy propaganda to set the scene for the game and wind up the opposition.
Bunga Bunga!


  1. Look forward to seeing what happens.

  2. Ooh, more objective markers, always good :)