Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Chain of Command Japanese Platoon [12]

I was supposed to be taking part in a four player, four point SAGA game last night but, just as we had set everything up and were ready to kick off, I had to rush back home to sort out a domestic crisis! This was a real shame as I was really looking forward to having a crack at SAGA for the first time and had lined up my borrowed Cornish (not Welsh) warband ready for some seroius pointy stick throwing, only to have to bail out at the last minute. Sorry Gary.
Anyway, I had an evening in once the dust had settled, so dug out the big box containing the 28mm Japanese platoon for Chain of Command, to work out the extras that I need to finish off before I start painting them up next month. I dropped this project back in November when the work situation went **** up, so I'd forgotten exactly what I had and hadn't finished assembling, basing and undercoating. The list of 'to do' extra bits isn't too long in the end:
1 x NCO (standard bearer)

1 x Corporal
1 x MMG team (5 men)
1 x ATG team (5 men plus junior officer)
1 or 2 x Engineer team/s
1 x Tank Hunter team (pole charge)
1 or 2 x Chi Ha tank/s
3 or 4 x roadblocks / wire obstacles
I may start on these over the next few days, if I can squeeze them in alongside the pirate ships and ironclads. I have pretty much all of the figure sprues and model kits that I need to cover these extras already in the pile. It will be good to get back to this project and I'm looking forward to the painting stage, as they've been hanging around far to long!

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