Sunday, 28 February 2016

Basing 15mm Sci Fi Infantry

GZG Colonia Militia figure on Warbases movement tray

I really need a new camera!

I've been fiddling around with basing ideas for my 15mm hard sci-fi project and have settled on a combination of individual basing on 1p coins combined with multiple basing on movement trays from Warbases. This will give me the flexibility to use a range of different rules and make it easier to move loads of 15mm figures around easily. I like the look of multiple bases as it gives you the opportunity to go to town on the texturing to make them look really cool (I hope?). Not only that but you can remove casualties and swap them over for dead/wounded figures. I haven't worked out the base arrangements for the support weapons yet but 2p coins look like the best way forward, perhaps with movement trays as well. I'll also be basing up my hover vehicles, adding a 3mm mdf riser under the hulls to give them that 'skimming over the surface' look.


  1. I love the GZG infantry. They are what inspired me to go into Sci Fi wargaming. I am doing 6mm though.

  2. They are very nice...especially the new ranges!