Friday, 6 January 2017

1/144th Scale WW2 Russian Front

I've had some long term plans to scale up my WW2 air wargaming from 1/285th to double size at 1/144th scale, in order to set up some sort of multiplayer participation style game. Although I really like 1/285th as a wargaming scale it doesn't have the visual impact of 1/144th and can be fiddly to paint. I'd also like to try out another set of rules other than Bag The Hun, focussed more on individual aircraft dogfighting rather than larger formations, although Bag the Hun Two is still my top ruleset for air wargaming. For example, Check Your Six! has always seemed to me to be more of a one on one, pilot vs pilot level game, so would be more suitable for that level of detailed manoeuvring and combat.

To cut a long story short, I 've been gradually collecting 1/144th scale model aircraft kits for the Russian Front, made easier by the release of the Zvezda range of kits and the re-release of the old Revell Micro Wings range. I already have a fair few kits of early to mid-war Soviet aircraft including Lagg 3's, Il-2's and some lend lease Hurricane MkII's, together with some Bf109F's and a Henschel HS126B for the Luftwaffe. Yesterday, I stumbled across a sale offer at Cornwall Model Boats of the Revell P39Q Airacobra and P40E Warhawk kits, which worked out at just £1.39 each plus a reasonable postage, so I've added some of both to the kit pile too.

I think this might be on the cards for later in the year, especially if I can get some interest going at the club, using the club collection of Hexon tiles for the terrain and some 1/300th scale tanks, trucks and armoured vehicles for ground attack targets. I still haven't worked out the rules that I could use but the aforementioned Check Your Six! may well work as they are, give or take a few minor modifications. For instance, I'd like to incorporate adjustable flight stands made from magnetic pick up tools, just like the WW1 multiplayer club system that we use, but this might require quite a bit of experimenting to get right. Still, another air wargaming venture to think about and one which I think has a lot of potential?

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