Monday, 2 January 2017

Flashpoint Baltic Basing Up

I've finished the basing of the last of the aircraft for the Target Locked-On Flashpoint Baltic project, with another two F16's, two JAS 39 Gripens and four Eurofighter Typhoons. The Gripens can be used for the Czech or the Hungarian Air Forces, although I have some nice Dom's Decals low visibility Swedish decals that I'll probably use first. The F16's will probably be Danish or Polish and the Eurofighters German, although the RAF may get them instead. I have left out the Finnish F/A18 Hornets for the moment, as the Oddzial Osmy castings are cast in a very hard alloy and these ones looked particularly tricky to clean up. On the other hand, I may add some more Russian Su27's and Su30's later, as the ones I have are looking a bit outnumbered!

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