Saturday, 21 January 2017

Flashpoint Taiwan PLAAF Finished

I added the splendid Dom's Decals Chinese Communist insignia decals to the PLAAF aircraft this morning, which proved to be far less fiddly and much easier than I expected. With a liberal splosh of Decalset the whole operation took about an hour, which I thought was pretty quick given the tiny size of the decals and the number of aircraft to be decked out. The only thing missing are the buzz numbers, which I can't get hold of for 1/600th scale.

The PLAAF MiG-19's, MiG-21's and Il-28's are now ready for a play test game of Target Locked-On! although I'm still waiting for my order of Chinese Nationalist decals and Tumbling Dice F104 Starfighters to arrive from Dom. As a first attempt at 1/600th scale painting I think they're OK, so I'm now ready to try something a little more complex than bare metal finish, with the Flashpoint Baltic fighters on the apron ready for painting.


  1. They have turned out really nice.



  2. Thanks Pete,

    I quite fancy adding some MiG-17's now!

  3. Those look great Jim, and happy (belated) birthday!