Sunday, 15 January 2017

Soviets for Schnellboote!

I haven't got any Soviet torpedo boats amongst my coastal forces but, given my current interest in all things Baltic, I thought I'd do a bit of background reading up on the subject. I've also put together a contact marker for Soviet use, with a rather splendid G5 torpedo boat as the motif. These were very small and very fast but had the disadvantage of having a stern launched torpedo system, very much in the same design as the British CMB's of WW1. I'm pretty sure that's where the designers picked up the idea. Anyway, there are a couple of packs of early and late war 1/600th scale G5's available from Heroics and Ros, from the old Skytrex range, so I may get a few for use against my E Boats.


  1. Take a look at PT Dockyard for some rather nice Russian (and other) coastal forces craft for the Baltic. Actually for just about anywhere!

  2. Thanks David,

    I have some PT Dockyard railsplitters, which are great, so will have a look at their Soviet stuff too.