Sunday, 29 January 2017

East Coast Convoy

I spent a pleasant couple of hours this afternoon gluing together the first half of a coastal convoy for Schnell Rules for Schnellboote scenarios. This consists of a 2800 ton and a 2500 ton tramp steamer, a 1500 ton collier and a rescue tug, all from the old Skytrex coastal forces range. The tug was an after thought but I enjoyed putting it together as it didn't involve lots of fiddling with bits of steel wire, which I used to replace the masts and booms* on the merchant shipping. I now have a coastal tanker, another 1500 ton collier and an 800 ton collier to do tomorrow. I may also add an escort trawler or perhaps a tug and some lighters, if I have the time.

*( I know the booms should really be laid flat on the hatch covers...but that didn't look right, so I have glued them in the 'up' position, which I think looks much better)

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  1. Jim, do you think the rules would work with 1/3000th miniatures as well? I have no funds to reinvest in 1/300th scale and a ton of painted 1/3000 cargo stuff that have been unused for almost 8 years now and I'm dying to put them back into battle again.