Friday, 6 January 2017

Flashpoint Taiwan PLAAF Profiles

I didn't have time to start on the PLAAF aircraft today, aside from an overall undercoat in Halfords matt grey, but have uncovered some cracking colour profiles to get me going over the weekend. I like the idea of a toned down shade for the bare metal finish, although how to achieve this without just painting them light grey rather than silver is another matter. I'll probably just go for the simple approach and paint them in a non-shiny bare metallic shade, paint the canopies in blue with a light blue and white highlight, then line in the panels with black. Any coloured bits, including the nose cones on the MiG 21's, will be done right at the end before I add the very tiddly decals, which I'm pretty sure will drive me completely nuts!


  1. I used GW Boltgun metal on my bare metal communist aircraft, then gave liberal highlights of Mithril Silver. After a coat of AP Dark Tone, I was happy with the results, but it may not suit you. Just a thought to add into the mix.