Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Bag the Blenheim

I've been thinking of a Plan B scenario for the club Bag the Hun multiplayer game in a few weeks time. This will  now probably be a North Africa scenario in December 1941, based on an article from the superb Crusader Project website:


The good thing about this historical scenario is that is almost tailor made for the 1/285th scale aircraft that I've already got including the Blenheim IV's of 14 Squadron, Hurricane II's of 229 Squadron and Bf 109F's of III/JG27. There's also some flak to make things interesting!

I'll run up a scenario outline as soon as I can find the time.


  1. Yes, it's got lots of potentiall for a really good scenario...complete with a handle bar mustachioed squadron leader and beady eyed Luftwaffe aces. 😉

  2. Can't beat a handlebar moustache. Tallyho!