Saturday, 27 March 2010

Aeronef Over Africa

I've played a few games of Aeronef over the last two or three years and have even run a Scramble for Africa campaign at the club which went down quite well. My first eronef fleet was Japanese,but it remains unbased as I originally used blutack to stick them to the flight stands and never got round to basing them properly.

My chosen colonial power for the campaign was Portuguese, so I used a combination of Argentinian and Brazilian nefs because they were really nice models and weren't used by anyone else at the time (the other fleets were British, German, French, Russian, Egyptian and Italian).

So, here they are.

I went for a hot climate scheme of grey hulls and white superstructure, with yellow funnels for a contemporary victorian look. They could do with a wash or blacklining of some sort but I couldn't be bothered at the time as I had to get them ready for the campaign in a couple of weeks. The digs were converted from plastic Revell Hindenburg kits by turning them upside down and sticking two lower halves together.

I've also got a small Bolshevik fleet using the Brigade Hungarian aeronefs. It's not complete but I'll post some pictures of what I've got so far later on today.


  1. Looking good. I particularly like the clean, well painted look.

    Thanks for posting.


  2. Fantastic idea about the use of the top-to-bottom-to-top Revell Hindenburgs - I did one of these of my own a while back, but it was just, well, a bit plain and vanilla, with all the detailed greeblies to the underside - now I know what I should have done! have to get my hands on some more and do some quad engined ones like yours :-).

  3. Nice work. I also especially like your Hindenberg conversions. I may have to try and get my grubby hands on the model if they look this good.

  4. Hi Jim - excellent airships.

    I´m a Portuguese native, so I´ll just correct some grammar used on the ships names (if you want to go that extra inch):
    - Maria Primera - Maria Primeira
    - Princese da Beira - Príncipe/Princesa (Male/Female noun) da Beira
    - Pero Escobar - Pêro Escobar
    - Corte Real - Corte-Real (if it´s the surname)
    - Prince Regente - Príncipe Regente
    - Sao Paulo & Sao Carlos - São Paulo e São Carlos

    Keep up the excellent work!
    Pedro Torradinhas