Saturday, 20 March 2010

Back of Beyond Bolsheviks

As I've been digging out rules for the Russian Civil War, which I've been interested in gaming for a long time, I thought I'd post some pictures of my Bolshevik army for the Back of Beyond.

The Third Peasants and Workers Shock Brigade, under the leadership of Military Specialist Comrade Colonel Igor Tubugerov, has had some success in the campaigns that I've run at the club. It's an effective force with three units of regulars, a unit of Cheka, a unit of Latvian Rifles, three heavy machine guns, a sniper, a field gun, an armoured car and tank plus air support, together with the ubiquitous (but fairly useless) political commissars.

It was the first big 28mm project that I've undertaken and, although the figures aren't painted to a top standard, they're not bad considering the fact that they were turned out in about three weeks. I really should add some additional units and artillery to the army but I have more then enough projects to tackle without going back to the Back of Beyond.

I have another Back of Beyond army, the Japanese using Copplestone Chinese Warlord figures, but they're only partly finished and need quite a lot of work to be ready for action. I've also got about three or four more forces in the leadpile but as interest has waned at the club they may neveer see the light of day.


  1. "aren't painted to a top standard" ?! Your standard must be so far up that I am not able to see it... (;-)). I wish I could paint like that !!
    "as interest has waned at the club" - do not worry about that: just keep painting them and return with more armies (after having phoned some members to be sure to have some players) and try to think out of the box. Example: I combined BoB and AVBCW by stating that Chinese pirates (and we have hundreds of them ;-)) try to conquer HongKong to create their own trading place. After all: since Britain is in uproar, no one will be very interested in what happens in the Far East.

  2. Nice army - useful through a few wars as well.
    Really like the vehicles, and those officers look menacing...

  3. Dunno about waning interest Jim. Wei Tsu Phat and his Chinese will defend their territory against the Bolsheviks at any opportunity!

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