Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ju88 Basecoat

I had a real pain in the arse trying to get the basecoat drybrush right this evening. I tackled half of the Ju88's in a series of attempts to get the mid-green uppersurface shade correct but didn't manage it in the end.

It's not that they don't look OK but more that they aren't quite right. The tone is too blue green and not bronze green for a start. They've also lost the depth they had after the wash and look a bit flat.

I eventually settled on a 50:50 Catachan Green / Gretchen Green drybrush which was largely determined by the fact that the other Luftwaffe aircraft in the game have a Catachan Green shade for the upper surfaces.

It's not right but it'll do.

On a more positive note, Bob from the Wargames Command Post delivered my Force of Arms tankette flamethrower this afternoon, which is an excellent turnaround as I only ordered it a couple of days ago. It's a lovely little resin model and well worth a tenner, despite being on the tiddly side of small. Unfortunately, the standard CV33 tankette was out of stock but Bob was kind enough to let me know and has promised to send me one when he has them in.

Nice bloke.


  1. I swear by Tamiya for the Luftwaffe colours

    Black Green XF-27 and Dark Green XF-63, lightened with a touch of XF-3 Yellow

    It seems to work well for me in 1/144 plastic

    Hope this is of help

  2. Thanks for the tip.

    I had a look at the ones I painted last night in daylight and they're actually not too bad.