Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Raiden Ju88's

Mark has delivered the rest of the Ju88's today and they look quite a formidable pile of lead, although I'm confident that I can get them up to a decent standard by the end of the month, assuming I get some weekend time to crack ahead.

The first stage will be to give them a clean up, which shouldn't take too long as they're very well cast, as you would expect from Raiden. I'll undercoat them in light grey rather than green, which was my initial idea, as this will be a good base for the first layer of grey paint on the undersides of the fuselage and wings. After that it's onto the serious business of masking off the lower fuselage and applying a basecoat of mid-green.

Mark was also kind enough to include a sample model from his forthcoming 1/600 scale range, a very nicely sculpted P51 Mustang. Needless to say, it's a bit of a cracker and beautifully sculpted. I'll line it up next to the Tumbling Dice version, which is very good but not quite as refined, then post a photo here for you to draw your own conclusions.


  1. P-51?
    looking forward to it:)

  2. oh and how's the show planning coming along.. any leaks on the scario you'll be demoing?

  3. The Salute game is still chugging slowly forwards although most of the RAF and Luftwaffe fighters have been painted up.

    It's a multiplayer game of a bombing raid on Portsmouth and the IOW on 11th August 1940. We're using the Kallistra hex system to model the channel and eastern end of the IOWplus the Solent and Portsmouth harbour.

    It's designed for 6 participants each of whom will have control of an RAF squadron, represented at 1:4 by three planes mounted togther in a Vic formation.

    The Luftwaffe will be run by the umpires, although if there are enough players some of the Bf109's and Bf110's might be player contolled too.