Monday, 8 March 2010

VBCW mini-project

I've decided to go ahead with the BUF for VBCW and have ordered a selection of figures from Musketeer, Empress and Artizan. The Musketeer stuff is from their BUF range while the Empress figures are from the SCW Republican Assault Guards which are a good match for the BUF figures, at least according to the posts on the Lead Adventure Forum and Gentlemens Wargames Parlour. The Artizan figures are from the Sky Pirates range and may or may not get used depending on what I can think of.

I've checked out the contents of the leadpile as well and I think I can use some Copplestone White Russian gun crew figures and a Great War 18 pounder field gun that I had set aside for the Back of Beyond. A couple of the figures have puttees and British style uniform jackets, together with field caps, so might mix OK with the others.

I also had a rummage in the loft and found the 1/48th scale Smer CR32 kit. It's got a few badly moulded struts that I'll have to replace but otherwise it's spot on. I also uncovered a floatplane version of a Heinkel 51 that I could use if the CR32 isn't fixable. Both very nice planes and perfect as BUF air support.

When I'll get round to all of this is another question. We're off to France (again) at Easter, so I may take the VBCW figures with me although every time I've done this before it's been a non-starter.

Worth a try this time?

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