Saturday, 27 March 2010


The remaining figures for the BUF arrived from Musketeer yesterday and I've now worked out what I'm going to do with them. I decided to follow Jon's example and organise them into a platoon of two sections plus a command section and attached HMG.

Each of the sections will have eight figures armed with rifles and an NCO with Bergmann SMG, while to command section will have a standard bearer, officer and lewis gunner. There will also be a Vickers team for fire support and perhaps a couple of character figures, as I have a very nice Artizan pilot that would be a nice extra.

This lot will be a flying column so I've raided the toy box and found some Days Gone By trucks and vans that they can commandeer as transport, at least one of which I'll up armour as an improvised assault vehicle. For additional support I also have a CV33 flamethrower tankette for special occasions.

Finally, I can't resist aircraft so I'm going to provide air cover with either a 1/48th scale Heinkel He51 floatplane or CR32 fighter bomber.


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