Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Axis North Africa Finished

I finished off the SM81 and Bf109's this evening by adding the tail insignia to the SM81 using some spare white decal strip and then varnishing the models with GW satin spray hardcoat.

I'm quite pleased with the result and wouldn't mind adding a few more aircraft to the North Africa set up to round things off. I have already based and primed four Scotia Stukas and three Museum Miniatures CANT 1007 bombers. However, the Stukas aren't great models and the bombers are a bit too unwieldy for North Africa scenarios.

I don't want to start on the RAF P40's and Baltimores yet (see my earlier posts) as that's another big project but wouldn't mind doing a small number of Axis planes alongside the Raiden Ju88's I'm currently tackling. Alternatively, I could do some Allied fighters for North Africa (P38's or P40F's?) or something for my Battle of Britain set up including, for example, a Scotia He59 floatplane that I have stashed away somewhere.

The BUF project is still very much on the cards as well but I may well just prepare the figures and take them to France at Easter for painting up.

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  1. awesome! damn I am going to have to get some now they look so good painted up & in formation...& 24 JU88's is a lot of 'trade' for the Hurri & spit pilots!!