Friday, 12 March 2010

BUF Armour Support

The Musketeer BUF figures that I ordered the other day have been posted off so they should arrive today or tomorrow. In the meantime I've been thinking of some armour or artillery support for the blackshirts. I'm going to scratchbuild some improvised armoured lorries using some of the various Days Gone By diecasts that I've collected for the Back of Beyond. As always I have about four times as many as I need so I'm sure I can divert some to the VBCW.

However, I'd also like something like a tank or armoured car to scare the pants of the reds. There are several options I've looked at including Pzkpfw 1's and those 'tin can on tracks' Lancia tankette things, either of which are available from Force of Arms, Empress, Army Group North and Company B via the Wargames Command Post.

I've even found one of those experimental German multi-turreted uber tanks in 28mm by JTFM ...but that might be a bit too much like overkill, especially for my bank balance. There's also the Copplestone option with the Lancia armoured car and the Medium MkII for example, both of which could be feasible armoured support for the BUF in 1938.

At the moment I'm leaning toward an Italian influence so the tankettes are top of the list, including the flamethrower variant for some extra morale checks. However, I need to get some input on which models are he best in terms of value for money and casting quality, so will post a message on the Gentlemen's Wargames Parlour for some feedback.

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  1. Blimey Jim I think the Anglican league better invest in some 2pdr A/T guns and petrol bombs. Anything German or Italian seems to fit the BUF theme. Panzer 1s are nice those italian things all ways looked to small to me. I think I read that in Ethopia the natives disabled the tankettes by just pushing them onto their sides they where so small and light.