Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bf109F and SM81 update

I grabbed an hour or so to do the canopies on the SM81 and Bf109's this evening, together with minor details like the exhausts, wheels and engines. The canopies are OK but not quite as neat as I'd like. I think I need to invest in a new OOO brush to get the highlights and blacklining a little thinner.

I'm away in Cornwall this weekend so won't have the time to finish the North Africa stuff off. It's really down to the decals and a few bits of tidying up now before I paint the bases and give the whole lot a nice spray of satin varnish. That will have to wait until early next week when I'll be starting on the Ju88's.

I will, however, be taking the VBCW Sourcebook and Gathering Storm supplement with me over the weekend for a good read through as they arrived in the post today. I also received the SCW figures from Empress and they are very nice indeed, reminding me of the Woodbine Design Company style of sculpting. I've got enough figures for a section of BUF together with some excellent character figures from the Assault Guard Command and Condor Legion packs

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