Sunday, 28 March 2010

Easter Preparations

I'vr decided to crack on with the BUF VBCW skirmish project for Easter / April, despite the fact that it's not really something I'd planned for at the start of the year and therefore a bit dodgy. I'm supposed to be clearing my backlog of projects from the leadpile, not starting new ones but as I've just ploughed through the planes for the club game I think I deserve a reward.

I'll try to get the figures cleaned up and based today so that I can undercoat them for painting later in the week. If I work hard, I could get them done before we go to France next Monday but, if not, I can always take them with me as a little holiday project.

I've also had a look at the list of things I set out to do at the start of the year. So far, I've completed one of the projects on the list, namely the North Africa Luftwaffe, although to a lesser extent than originally planned. The ARVN have been 75% completed and won't need much to finish them off. I've also completed the Axles and Alloys project but this doesn't count as it wasn't on the list to start with.

So, not bad but less than I should have done in the two half terms I've had so far.

I think I need to be more ruthless and so have decided to edit my list of things to do to focus on projects that are achievable and that I really need to shift. I have two half terms after Easter and an entire activity week, so that means I can get three big projects shifted with a fair chance of completing them to a decent standard.

I've decided to shelve anythig in 10mm for the moment as I've already tackled the ARVN, So it's goodbye to the Noggies, Fallschirmjager and Indochina projects unitl a later date and/or when there's some early war oppossiton for the Norwegians. I've also decided to stick to only one 28mm project after the BUF are done, so I have to choose between the Late War British, the Darkest Africa Germans, the Future FFL or the Japanese for the Back of Beyond.

Finally, I am determined to include in the project schedule the 15mm AK47 Dictatorship army and something nautical by the end of July, probably the 1/600th scale WW2 coastal warfare stuff that I've had hanging around for ages or the Victorian naval fleets in 1/2400 that have been waiting to be painted for a while.

If there's any time left after that I'll try to squeeze in the 1/600th Wings At War Korea project as a bonus, but that's being a bit optimistic given my lack of progress to date!

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