Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I've been thinking about the VBCW BUF force and have decided that the auxilliary bus drivers and conductors idea, using the SCW Assault Guard figures, is a bit boring. However, over on TMP there's a news item that Empress have just re-released their Talares Rio Tinto armoured truck, which is such a cool looking model that I think I need to get one.

I reckon it would make an excellent armoured dustbin lorry and the Assaultos would be perfect as an armed dustbinmen militia. This also fits neatly into Jon's background blurb for the war in Dorset, which involves a fascist county council taking over against the resistance of the Anglican League, so dustbinmen would be a perfect source of potential recruits for the blackshirts.

Of course I could always scratchbuild one but I can't really be bothered!

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