Monday, 15 March 2010

Poker Chips

There's been some discussion on the club yahoo group about basing for the Raiden Battle of Britain participation game. There have been several suggestions from plastic rods and tiddly magnets to acrylic triangles and GW style circular bases.

Anyway, the latest idea is to use poker chips.

Jon spotted some poker chip altitude bases over on the Kerr and King site, which I'd seen before but dismissed as impractical for most of the current rules systems such as Bag The Hun, Check Your Six and Luftwaffe 1946. Why dish out on fancy resin bases when the usual hex bases work perfectly well?

However, the idea of using poker chips to build height stands for the aircraft formations to sit on has some merit, especially as the poker chips can be glued together to form altitude bands with each chip representing 1000 feet. As we're only using three altitude bands (low, medium and high) this system could work well, with three columns of chips stacked up one on the other to reach the highest altitudes.

The bases with the planes mounted on them would then sit on top of the column of poker chips and could move from one altitude band to another by the simple expedient of removing or adding one stack of chips from the supporting column. The base of the column would have to be stuck to something (old CD's?) for stability but otherwise it would be a neat and cheap solution to the basing problem.

Worth a bit of experimentation anyway?

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  1. if its only three altitude bands then i'd go with the chips esp if they are the zigzaggy edge the slot together well
    brill idea!