Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ju88's Undercoated

I got home from work a bit early this afternoon so I was able to find time to undercoat the Ju88's with Humbrol Matt Olive Green spray.

I didn't have enough Matt Grey to do the job and so decided to go with the alternative approach, using the Olive Green as a base for the principal upper surface shade. In the end I didn't bother to undercoat the undersurfaces as they will just need a simple coat of mid grey after the uppers are done.

As I did the undercoat relatively early I was able to give the models a wash later on using my pot of Klear based brown/black gunge. As the Raiden models have some fairly deep panel scribing this seemed like a good idea.

The next stage will be to drybrush over a heavy coat of the mid-green base shade, although I need to pick out a suitable shade for this from my extensive collection of Vallejo, Foundry and GW colours.

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