Monday, 8 March 2010

SM81 and Bf109F Camouflage

Another couple of hours of work and not much to see to be honest, although I've actually done quite a lot to move things on. The SM81 has been washed with Gryphon Sepia then drybrushed with a couple of lighter shades of the basecoat. The undersides have been painted and the canopies have had the first two shades of Foundry Sky Blue. Next up is the finishing highlights on the canopy and some black lining, along with some work on the engines.

The Bf109's have been washed and then fiddled about with to try and produce some sort of panel lining and highlighting. It's not quite right but it's getting there. The canopies have a base coat of Foundry Sky Blue shade.
The next stage is to finish the canopies and black line them, which is the 1.285th plane equivalent of the eyes on a 28mm figure. I'll then black line the exhausts and do the white tips to the wings and the prop bosses (for some tedious technical reason I can't seem to upload any photos of the Bf109's without them appearing upside down, so I'll stick them in a seperate post if I can).

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