Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ju88 Finished!

I finished off the Ju88's this afternoon by painting the exhausts and canopy glazing bars on the remaining planes then decalling the whole lot with upper wing and fuselage crosses.

I then varnished them with Citadel spray satin varnish to seal the decals and protect the paintwork from the occasional knocks and scratches that they'll get when handled during the game. All I need to do now is detach the nails from the underside then hand them over to the playtesters on Tuesday.

So, that's ten days worth of work that has been completed to the deadline and with an end result that's not too bad, if not up to my usual standard.

And I can at last get on to something else!
Time for a drink or two I think.


  1. I think thy look cracking and cant wait to see some 'in action' pics1

    I just got a bunch of these and other 1/600 guys in the mail too so thanks for the inspiration.

    So good luck on their maiden sorties and beware the fateful words- 'Achtung-Spitfire!'

  2. Thanks Tas,

    I've got a sheldload of 1/600th TD planes but have yet to decide what to do with them, although wings at war in various guises is the first option, until (Raiden) Mark comes out with his 1/600th Luft 46 stuff that is.

  3. Very Sweet :)

    Nice decaling and finishing touches

  4. I'd suggest a go at "Check your six" with the Raiden planes, works well!