Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Back of Beyond Expedition [27]

I've given the Garford Putikov it's basecoat of three stages of Foundry Phlegm Green tonight. It looks a bit dodgy at the moment but I'm sure it'll look better once I've done a bit of drybrush weathering. I'm still thinking about camouflage options but will wait and see how the next bit goes before I decide what to do. I should be able to wrap it up tomorrow, given a bit of luck.

I've also finished the DH2 spotter plane for the expedition with a bit of drybrush weathering and a  wash of GW Devlan Mud over the wooden bits. The decals are a combination of 1/48th scale Blue Rider RCW Soviet roundels with 1/72 scale RFC white lettering overlaying the red stars. The idea is to replicate the Texaco logo in some way and it seems to have worked, although I might overpaint the roundels in white to make them stand out a  bit more.

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