Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tumbling Dice Victorian Ironclads [7]

I've had no time to get on with the early ironclads over the last couple of days but I did find manage to try out a bit of basic blocking in on the French twin decker Solferino. It's all a bit crude at the moment but will be tidied up and given a wash to tone things down a bit later on. I still need to paint the masts, ratlines and boats beforehand.

I'm not sure if I should swap over the shades  that I've used for the sails (Foundry Canvas) and the decking (Foundry Boneyard), as the latter seems too light and the former too dark? It's all a bit experimental anyway, so I'm sure I'll be playing around with various combinations of colours before I hit on the exact formula that I'm after.


  1. Maybe a little contrast between the decking and sails might be an idea, but from the photo, I would say it is coming along very nicely indeed. How about just a thin wash for the decking and see how that goes. But please, carry on posting. How are the rules coming along which you bought for the Ironclads?

  2. The wash sounds like a good idea :O)

    The rules will be dug out when I have something to use them with ;o)