Monday, 6 June 2011

Hawker Hart Hunting

I've been looking for a model kit of a Hawker Hart since I unearthed my Grandfather's photo collection last week. I really like the idea of making a model of the aircraft that he flew, K2129 No 5 of B Flight, 38 Squadron based at Rispalpur on the North West Frontier.

Unfortunately, apart from a hard to find 1/72nd scale kit of a Hart from AZ Model, no one seems to make an off the shelf version. I'd really like to build one in 1/48th scale but that's not an option. There is a 1/32 scale reesin kit by Silver Wings but it costs about £100, which is way out of my league even if I knew how to stick it together.

A final option would be to build a 1/18 scale rubber powered flying model from a kit I've seen on Ebay. I'd not bother to use it for flying but would detail it up to make it look as much like a scale model as possible. In the meantime, I'll be saving my pocket money to buy one of the restored Hawker Hinds that were found on a scrap heap in Aghanistan.

They're a bargain at £80,000 but I think I'll just get one rather than a pair.

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