Thursday, 16 June 2011

Submarine Safari

I dug out the old back issue of Wargames Illustrated with the aptly titled Submarine Safari article by Chris Peers, after a bit of a rummage in the loft and a fair bit of colourful language. If you're interested in getting hold of a copy it's Issue 224 from June 2006.

The article consists of some background ideas plus rules for underwater combat, stats for different types of prehistoric creatures and some encounter tables, all for use with the Saurian Safari rules.There are no rules for submersibles but I'm sure I could work something out if necessary, using a bit of common sense and some mechanisms based on the existing rules.

I'm thinking about the viability of this as a club participation game, given the fact that it's a fairly simple system that I've used many times before but with an interesting new twist. The only problem would be getting hold of enough underwater beasties at a reasonable overall cost to my bank balance. I've found plenty of cool plastic toy aquatic creatures on ebay but, if I got a decent selection, it would put me back a fair few quid.

I think a little selective purchasing would be fine, however, especially if I could get hold of some cheaper figures from charity shops, discount stores and the like. I think I need to do a little bargain hunting to see what I can get hold of then decide if I'm going to splash out on some impressive big beasties from ebay. I don't really need yet another project but...why not?


  1. I love a good dino hunt and had a plan to run a game "Hunt for the Great White Plesiosaur"! Never got this issue though - thanks for the heads up!

  2. hi,

    I am putting together a summer class with a Prehistoric Sea theme. we have used saurian safari in the past. Is there somewhere the submarine version rules can be found other than the old magazine issue which I cannot find.

    thanks randy