Monday, 27 June 2011

NEWSFLASH: Nbuto - Zumata Peace Talks Collapse (Reuters)

From Our Correpondent in Botufu

In a sign of renewed tension between the Independent Republic of Nbuto and the Peoples Democratic Republic of Zumata, talks between the representatives of the two neighbouring states appear to be reaching collapse.

Despite the valiant efforts of the United Nations mediator, Mr Makousa, the peace negotiations in Botufu have ended in deadlock. The President of Zumata, Dr Kenko Gold, has walked out of the conference claiming that the issue of sovereignty in the disputed Mtwange - Botufu corridor cannot be resolved.

FART border post on the Wanayani Bridge (AP)

In response, an interior ministry spokesman for the government of Nbuto has confirmed that military units of the Force Action Rapide Territoriale (FART) have been strengthened in the disputed border zone, as a deterrent against Zumatan aggression.

Zumatan Border Guards on the banks of the Chokwe River (AP) 
The situation remains extremely tense as both sides prepare for an imminent clash in the border zone adjacent to the Chokwe River, with little sign of any political compromise in this long running regional conflict.

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