Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Deep Sea Divers!

I've been looking for these for ages! They're the old HLBS figures that are now being produced under licence by Tiger Miniatures. There are loads of interesting 28mm things on the Tiger Miniatures site, so well worth a look:

I stumbled across them today while looking for something completely different, so snapped up a couple of packs for underwater prehistoric monster hunting using an underwater variant of Saurian Safari that was published in Wargames Illustrated ages ago.

I now have suffucient figures to run a couple of hunting parties, so perfect for a club participation game. If I can scratchbuild some sort of submersible that would add another dimension to the game, preferably from bits and bobs that I have knocking around. I have all the terrain I need using my existing aquarium plant jungle, so it's just the monsters that need to be found to complete the set up.

Time to hunt around....


  1. Fab stuff, thanks for posting that link - the winter mounties look great too, may have to treat myself!

  2. I've hung on to that article in the hope of putting somthing together sometime...I might pick up some of the reaper aquatic familiars and some Sceltrum diver figures (Atlanteans and Nemo crew) too for some encounters.