Tuesday, 5 July 2011

AK47 Summer Offensive [16]

I need to make a unit of Mil Mi 4 transport choppers for my AK47 airmobile professionals by the end of the the week. This shouldn't be a problem as they're possibly the coolest helicopters in the history of cool.

I have four or five 1/100 scale Nubee kits to play around with over the next three days, so I should be able to knock them together ready for painting up next week. I've also got an idea for an armed ground attack 'dakka dakka' version complete with pylon mounted rocket pods and underslung cannon in the wierd gondola thing on the fuselage beneath the cabin.

I think this will look very effective if I can pull it off. If not, I've got a Revell Hind in the loft somewhere that will do the job, although I'll have to dig it out of the kit pile first.


  1. Jim

    I am looking forward to seeing wha you do with those Mil 4. Where did you get the kits?

  2. The kits are all from ebay.

    If you search for Nubee 1/100 you should come up with some. I collected these over five years or so but they come up fairly often.