Saturday, 2 July 2011

Submarine Safari Sea Monsters [2]

I have aquired a couple of new plastic prehistoric sea monsters for Submarine Safari to add to the lone Dunkleosteus. They're both from Safari and cost about six or seven quid plus postage, so not too expensive considering their size and quality.

The first is a Mosasaurus, which sounds a bit generic so I'm going to use it as a Platecarpus, which was a member of the Mosasaur family. It's the smaller of the two but still a good 25 cm long, so pretty big when placed next to a 28mm figure. In the rules, the Platecarpus has the following characteristics:

Move: 8'' / Agility: 3 / Toughness: 8 / Damage: 30 (no critical hits due to feeding frenzy)

The second beast is a Tylosaurus, again from the Mosasaur family of swimming reptiles. This one is a bit bigger and measures out at a respectable 30cm from head to tail. There are no statistitics for Tylosaurus in the supplement, although there some in the main rulebook. However,the Plotosaurus is pretty much the same thing, so I'll use those factors instead:

Move: 10'' / Agility: 2 / Toughness: 8 / Damage: 40 (no critical hits as above)

These two should put up a good fight due to their high damage ratings but are vulnerable to spearguns, harpoons and knives, even though the toughtness rating isn't that low.  However, they do cause 2D6 damage to anything they manage to bite rather than the usual 1D6, making them pretty deadly if you don't get out of the way!

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  1. Yech, imagine meeting one of them! I think I'd need to change my diving suit. I've been hearing a bit about Megaladons of late from a very interested young man. Any of those beasties likely to make an appearance?