Friday, 29 July 2011

Bon Voyage!

We're off to France tomorrow and I've packed up my painting project for the holiday, ready to get started once the journey there is over. I've decided to go for the 28mm gladiators, having assembled the AK47 collection and realised it was far too big to cart all the way to Brittany in a single box. I'll leave that to September but, in the meantime, hope to clean up, base and paint a dozen or so gladiators for the arena.

I've also taken along a unit of Chinese labourers for my Back of Beyond expedition force. I managed to find twelve figures in the end, using a combination of the Copplestone bandits, a spare Chinese executioner and a couple of Foundry Chinese pirate figures. This lot may get tackled along with the gladiators so that I can use them in the next Back of Beyond campaign battle.

How much of this I actually get done is anyone's guess...?

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