Sunday, 24 July 2011

Attack! 2011

I had a jolly good day at Attack! helping to run the club participation game and browsing the various traders. The Wessex Wargamers Winchester club game went down well and looked the business, thanks to the hard work of Colin, Andy and Caesar who did most of design and preparation. We ran four sessions in total and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, which is the aim of the game.

I bought a small selection of goodies but, overall, went away with only a modest addition to the leadpile. I was particularly pleased with my unexpected aquisition of some 15mm ground / vehicle mounted Katuysha rocket launchers, together with some very cool armoured swift boats from The Scene. 

These will be added to my AK47 army very soon. I can recommend this range as a great source of those useful extra bits that you need to fill gaps in the stuff you already have.

I also bought three very nice Arab houses from Mainly Military, which will find their way into both the AK47 and PITS terrain set up. I also picked up three 28mm crocodiles from DeeZee, which will be useful for Darkest Africa and for Gladiator games.  

All in all, a good day out!

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  1. Love those river boats - just the thing for my Nam Brown Water Navy force!