Friday, 1 July 2011

AK47 Summer Offensive [14]

Last year I spent my Summer holidays cleaning up and basing units for my AK47 Dictatorship army. I managed to base up the bulk of my regular and professional units but ended up with my militia only partially done. When the holidays ended I drifted off into other projects but I've now picked up the thread and am worling to complete the last of the units ready for Summer Offensive 2011!

Having looked at my box of completed bases and vehicles, I've decided to ditch my original plan for a full infantry based militia unit and just use the truck-based technicals as my militia component. Instead, I'll be basing up a professional unit of airborne / armoured infantry, using the beret wearing figures that I have in the bits box (I've found that the headgear method is a handy way to distinguish different units).

These will be transported about either in MTLB APC's or in Mil Mi4 helicopters, which I have stockpiled for just such a purpose. They can also be reinforced by a unit of professional T55's and by a couple of helicopter gunships, based on the same Nubee Mi4 kit that I'll be using for the transports.

This will give me some flexibility in what I deploy and will allow me to relegate my helmet wearing units to regular status, which fits the army restrictions to a greater degree. I should get all the extra bits sorted this weekend and plan to tackle one unit at a time over the next three weeks, so that the bulk of the army is completed by the end of the month.

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